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Sunday, March 18th 2018
Epix Trader is a revolutionary software based on scalping or short term trading. The software generates high quality signals which alert you when to trade – and at what probability rate of success.

Real Time Scalper

Multiple Assets

Risk Management Features

One Click Trading Solution

High Quality Signals 85% ITM

Why is Epix Trader widely successful?
Epix trader has a simple and easy to use interface. You can see your profits in just one click.
The Epix Trading technology was created with the FOCUS of making trading accessible to thousands of traders worldwide.

Complicated charts and trading analysis have been replaced with state of the art – one click solution.

This is the reason why anyone, whether expert class traders or new traders can have profitable results with Epix Trader.
Why is Epix Trader Free?
Epix Trader is only free for another few days. After this “early bird scheme” the software will have to be purchased for $393 per license. As soon as our IPO is approved the software – which has already been proven to guarantee success will be available only against payment.

Therefore, the software is not being sold at a crazy price. It is not going to be a financial burden on anyone who is new and investing into trading for the first time.
Take advantage of the “early bird scheme” as long as it is available and do not STOP YOURSELF from a lifetime of financial freedom.
Sunday, March 18th 2018
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Here is what some of the expert traders have written about Epix Trader

The Binary Agency Epix Trader Review Conclusion
Like we said this is the first ever trading software allowing binary and forex at the same place. Big innovation supported by good results. The system is very good for beginners as well as for advanced traders. Inside the video presentation you can’t hear any lies or over-promising statements. That’s why we highly recommended this trading platform. In addition, the system is 100% endorsed by the trading society and its free for limited period of time!
The Binary Spot - Conclusion
Epix Trader is viral. We are using it, whilst trying to assist others to profits. To date, binary options has been our focus, but we are working on some Forex videos as well. We fully support it. Profits are steady and can be seen in many live trading videos. This is free, but it may not be available for long.
The Binary Sheriff – Epix Trader Binary vs Epix Trader Forex - Conclusion
The Epix Trader is by far the most innovative software for 2018. It is being touted as the best software of it genre. This is the first time we have come across a software system that works profitably both on Binary Options and also on Forex.